Urban PastaBar

The best Italian tradition of shaken pasta and spaghetti

In Milazzo, Urban Pasta Bar, in the city center in Via dei Mille 7, offers the best Italian tradition of pasta and spaghetti shaken to become street food.

At Urban Pasta Bar you can order your express pasta, choosing the format and seasoning then shaken together by the chef before ending up in a comfortable and elegant packing.
A new, fast and pleasantly palatable way to taste the Italian dish par excellence. The summer season is offering the many tourists who are in the Port of Milazzo, to be able to taste the dishes of Urban PastaBar that combines the tradition of Lunch and Dinner, the possibility of a rich and typically Italian breakfast in the new and welcoming premises of Via dei Mille.

Urban Pasta Bar gives you the opportunity to choose and combine your favorite pasta with the best sauces. The choice of condiments is wide, including the classic first courses: carbonara, cacio e pepe, amatriciana, ragù, fish sauces and much more. If you are not in a hurry you can also have your meal in the restaurant. To drink you can choose from a selection of wines and craft beers to the glass.

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Via dei Mille, 7, Milazzo
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