Guida alla natura di Capo Milazzo

Photo my passion

A journey along the coast of Capo Milazzo, following an ancient book by historian Giuseppe Piaggia, who made the periple of the Promontory more than 150 years.

History and legends, land and flora and fauna, geology, nature trails, sea inhabitants, snorkeling and diving spots with canes, underwater archeology, birdwatching, popular traditions and much more.

All equipped with over 400 color photographs, 30 virtual 360 ° images and sea bottom drawings.

Many small curiosities of marine biology and the nature of Capo Milazzo, along a path along the coast and the main sea and land sites of the Promontory.

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Lombardo Edizioni, ISBN: 9788899150204, Cover price: 18 €


The author: Carmelo Isgrò (Milazzo, 1985)
Biologist and biochemist, devotes time to nature. Photograph enthusiast, Deputy Submarine Photography vice-champion in 2015. Federal Sailing Instructor (FIV), Immersion with Bottles and Apnea (Fipsas-CMAS). Founding member and president of the Dugongo Team’s underwater association.
He set up the naturalistic exhibition “Capo Milazzo fossils” and various photographic exhibits on nature and the backdrops of the Promontory.
Try to pass on your passion to the youngest, through the discovery of the most young people (eg in schools, university of the ages, etc.).

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